Tucson Tale #4

As some readers may recall, the last letter described my first major hike which left me 1) feeling like over-boiled legumes, 2) looking like a beet, and 3) considering the benefits of spouse-icide.

Well, today I have a very different story to tell—one of triumph over body, spirit, and hiking poles. It all began on a not-so-ambitious hike in Sabino Canyon. A little bit up and onto a cliff, a little bit of a zig-zag down to the road—maybe 2 miles in all.

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Tucson Tale #1

Dear Readers,

I’m writing group emails about our trip for family and friends, and I thought some of you might enjoy them as well. Not much about food will appear (see info on kitchen below), but other pleasures, trials, and tribulations will certainly make an appearance.

So, to begin:

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