Plum and Red Cabbage Slaw

The plum season cometh to an end; the cabbage season arriveth.  What better time to marry the two foods together in a delicious, tart, and crunchy coleslaw? 

In keeping with the spirit of full disclosure, I should tell you that when I tried this recipe first, I decided to make it a cooked, rather than raw, dish.  I really liked it, but then I’ll eat just about any vegetable dish.  The spouse was not amused.  So I decided to try it this way.  I still really like, but now the spouse informs me than he’s not really that enamoured of red cabbage.

Interesting how you forget things about the other person when you’re in a really long relationship, isn’t it?  I think I had this bit of knowledge at the back of my mind—the place where I keep unwanted information. 

No problem, I’m going to eat the whole thing.

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