Eggs and Nutrition: Update

I’ve become interested eggs and nutrition, in particular, after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  In it, he discusses the quality of organic eggs vs. non-organic eggs.  According to Pollan, the yolks of eggs of free-range chickens can be much superior in terms of taste and cooking.  As a result, I have been considering getting my eggs from a local farmer in the fall.  However, Pollan says nothing about nutrient value and, knowing that I would be paying more for these local eggs, I wondered how much extra nutrition my money would be buying.  (Photo from

Thus I found an article from Feedstuffs Foodlink, “Clearing Up Egg, Milk ‘Myths,'” which addresses issues concerning the nutrient value and safety of raw eggs and milk, to be interesting and worthy of a post.  

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