Check It Out! (3)

For your perusal—five fascinating (well, to me) articles about food, eating, and dieting.

What’s your will-power quotient? As we all know, dieting takes will-power. But why isn’t it more steadfast? Why does your will-power desert you when you need it the most? This is Your Brain on No Self-Control” is the latest brain science that shows why your will-power is so willful.

Get the skinny on sugar—substitutes, that is. Start with consumer issues such as taste, choice, safety, chemical concerns, and so on and then find out the challenges that artificial sweeteners pose for manufacturers. These two articles cover the current landscape of pros and cons about sugar substitutes.

A scary fact: the typical household wastes one quarter of all perishable edibles that come into the kitchen. If you’ve ever had something go rotten in the fridge, it’s okay to ‘fess up now. It’s happened to us all, and apparently does so on a regular basis! “How to Prevent Food Waste: A Primer for Home Cooks” provides tips to help you “waste not, want not.”

Did you know that  the world’s most expensive hamburger sells for $295.00. It looks like a pretty ordinary beef patty and roll, but the list of ingredients defies sanity, in my opinion. What do you think? Oh yeah, and the price doesn’t include the tip.

Check It Out! (1)

I do a lot of reading about food and issues related to eating, dieting, and health. I often think: I’d like to share that with people who come to this blog.

So I decided to write a “Check It Out!” post for this kind of information. If you like the idea, let me know.

For the lactose-intolerant: I’d been thinking about investigating non-cow milks to find out the pros and cons, but this article, Which Non-Dairy Milk is Best? by the Nutrition Diva, covers a lot of good territory.

For curious dieters: Have you ever wondered how restaurant critics maintain their weight? Diet Differently: Shed Weight by Maximizing Your Flavor Per Calorie is about one critic who lost 40 pounds and kept it off by believing in gratification, not denial.

For the philosophically inclined: It turns out that peas can communicate with one another. Thoughts to ponder at If Peas Can Talk, Should We Eat Them?

For pepper lovers: The spouse won’t eat peppers so I don’t have recipes that include them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t salivate at the occasional good-looking possibility. Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers look delish!

And, finally, in the “Lose Your Appetite” department: Read about 28 mealbreakers: “nasty, non-edible surprise[s] found in food while it is being eaten; often lawsuit-provoking, sometimes fabricated, always disgusting.”