Millet-Quinoa Gluten-Free Bread

Millet-Quinoa Gluten-Free Bread
I am THRILLED beyond measure because I have finally made a lovely loaf of yeast bread.  I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Lady, get a life!”

Well, bread is the staff of life, and I am delighted to welcome it back into my existence after some notable failures, including a tasteless loaf, a use-it-as-doorstop loaf, and a generally awful tasting loaf. (However, notably, all of these resulted in excellent gf bread crumbs.)

But this loaf made the grade: it rose beautifully, has a lovely mild taste, and a respectable shape.  While the bread was still warm, I slathered ½ tsp. of butter on a slice and luxuriated in the rich flavour that only comes from eating a newly baked piece of bread.

FYI: Prior to making this loaf, I had been contemplating buying a bread machine because many gluten-free bread makers use them, including the author of the recipe from which I adapted Millet-Quinoa Bread.  However, while discussing this potential purchase with the spouse, he pointed out, oh-so-logically, a flaw in my thinking.

He noted that the only reason we have bread machines really is because they take over the arduous task of kneading gluten dough.  And since gluten-free dough doesn’t require kneading…well, I had to concede the point although I adore buying kitchen gadgetry.  (Sigh.)  In fact, I didn’t even need a mixer to make this bread: only a whisk and a wooden spoon—old-fashioned but still extremely effective technologies.

So…with the help of the original recipe as well as advice from gluten-free cookbook authors, Bette Hagman and Carol Fenster, I set out, sans machines, on this bread-making journey:

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