Recipe Index


BREADS/MUFFINS (includes both yeast and non-yeast breads suitable to serve with lunch or dinner)

SOUPS/BEVERAGES (some of these soups are great cold on a hot summer’s day)



LUNCH/VEGETARIAN DISHES  Recipes that mix n’ match vegetables are listed first; recipes by main ingredient (in alphabetic order) are second.





Brussel Sprouts








Potato/Sweet Potato



Tofu/Shirataki Noodles



DESSERTS (many of these could be baked as loafs, squares, or muffins)

4 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. We look like we are embarking on a gluten free journey in January. My husband cannot eat any dairy, my son has the coeliac gene, He was just tested and when we go back to the doctor we will get his results. However my brother in law tells me you don’t need to test as coeliac to have trouble with gluten. As my husband has trouble with lots of foods we are thinking that we will go gluten free just to see if it makes a difference. Your site looks fantastic, I only had a minute tonight but I will be back to have a good look through.

    Thanks heaps RosieG

    • Hi Rosie, Wow…just about the whole family. And it’s true: you don’t need to have celiac disease to have trouble with gluten. I got tested inside and outside and pronounced just fine. But I was really sick from eating gluten, and I also think oats as well. I hope the recipes here help, and if weight is not an issue, feel free to replace the artificial sweetener with one of your choice. Real sugar does affect baking in terms of texture; the quick breads tend to be smoother. Hugs, Claire

    • Glad you like the index. Re the puddings, I’ve been thinking of doing an update to clarify the fact that you need approximately 3.5 cups of liquid between the fruit and milk. Recently, I had 2 cups of mashed banana so I used only 1.5 cups of milk…it worked fine.

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