Food and Nutrition

Check It Out! (Short compilations of interesting reading)

  • Check It Out! (1): Overview of non-dairy milks, a restaurant critic’s diet, vegetables that communicate, a recipe for quinoa-stuffed peppers, disgusting meal breakers.
  • Check It Out! (2): Cookbook authors lie about caramelizing onions, web site for food bloggers, scientists debunk HDL as a good cholesterol, a nutrition list of 17 grains.
  • Check It Out! (3): The science on will-power, pros and cons of sugar substitutes, how to avoid food waste, the world’s most expensive hamburger.
  • Check It Out! (4): Pumpkin recipes, unusual ways to recycle food scraps, cantaloupes and listeria, new research that connects fruits/vegetables to happiness.
  • Check It Out! (5): Vegetable recipes from Marc Bittman, bean recipes from Martha Rose Shulman, a slew of mushroom recipes, and the effect of food thickness on our taste buds and appetities.

Food Information 

Gluten-Free Articles (in alphabetical order)

Health/Body Issues

Weight Watcher/Diet Information

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