Tucson Tale #3

Dear Readers,

This is for the record: My husband is trying to kill me. His MO? Death by hiking.

Two days ago, we did a loop trail in Saguaro National Park that was 3.4 miles or 5.4717696 km—to be precise. The landscape was rolling hills and cacti. The temperature was 80 F or 26.6 C. Nary a cloud dotted the sky.

I started out spruce, chipper, and full of beans: hatted, sun-lotioned, wearing my new tourist t-shirt (more on that later), booted, and poled—as per photo below.

Two and a half hours later, I felt like a wilted, drooping mess of overcooked beans, and my face was as red as the proverbial beet. The spouse was sweating but still chipper.

Maybe I will kill him first! Death by trekking poles.

Today—another hot, sunny day—we explored, less strenuously, via automobile. We drove up Mt. Lemmon, the area’s highest peak (over 9,000 ft.) on a highway that curved and curled around the rocks (photo below). The vistas were wonderful.

However, we had to quit at 6,600 ft. because we started seeing…(gasp) snow! Yes, as we climbed, the desert was turning into forest with fir trees and the abominable white stuff. It was all too reminiscent of home, and we headed back to Tucson asap!

Now, the t-shirt. Its front provides helpful life tips from the saguaro cactus, the one that is tall and has arms—see photo of hillside below.

1. Stand tall.
2. Reach for the sky.
3. Be patient through the dry spells.
4. Conserve your resources.
5. Think long-term.
6. Wait for your time to bloom.
7. Stay sharp!




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