Tucson Tale #1

Dear Readers,

I’m writing group emails about our trip for family and friends, and I thought some of you might enjoy them as well. Not much about food will appear (see info on kitchen below), but other pleasures, trials, and tribulations will certainly make an appearance.

So, to begin:

We are living in a two-story, 700 sq. ft. adobe casita, which means “dollhouse for grown-ups.” The furniture style is cottage-mismatch. The walk-in closet upstairs is bigger than the kitchen downstairs. Really. And the refrigerator lives beneath the staircase.Truly. Other than that, it is kinda fun, kinda funky, kinda perfect for us.

Although we’re attached to the house of our landlords, the casita is completely private and has its own shaded carport. Speaking of the rental car, a GMC something…its dashboard is a combo computer-jetliner control panel. We haven’t yet asked it to make lunch, but I’m sure pushing/flipping one of those buttons/switches would do it.

Yesterday we went to our favourite national park, Sabino Canyon (that’s its dam in the photo). Personally, I was thinking of a non-challenging trail that would allow me to break in my new hiking boots and figure out how to handle my unbelievably expensive, hiking poles. We’d walk leisurely and stop frequently. We’d linger over great vistas and comment metaphysically on nature and mankind.

But what do they say about best-laid plans?

It was a special day at the park, and we got our very own personal tour guide at no charge who thought nothing of two hours of non-stop,…well, hiking! We did a good three miles at a somewhat brisker pace than I had intended. The good news: I only fell twice and didn’t jab the spouse’s or the guide’s eyes with the tips of my poles. The bad news: Today, I am flat on the couch, gathering strength for the next outing.

P.S. Pix of casita can be found at http://www.vacationrentals.com/vacation-rentals/89662.html?searchSource=global%20search&searchTerm=89662



7 thoughts on “Tucson Tale #1

  1. Oh, I’d love to be there….hiking along those beautiful trails. It was fun being a fly on the wall of your casita.

    • Okay, why here? Some 20-odd years ago we came here for a conference, and I fell in love with the landscape. Last year, we came for a month, and I discovered hiking and more beautiful vistas. The spouse is a geologist so he just naturally is happy with all the rocks, crevasses, mountains, etc., etc. And we both love the virtually constant sunny days. And, we also joined the Y, go sight-seeing, and plan to see some live theater…plus lots of reading and playing on the iPad. 🙂

  2. This is your airplane buddy with the little baby girl that you were so wonderful to help me out with! I am so glad to hear you guys are enjoying your long vacation! The weather is wonderful! I can not wait to dive into some of your yummy recipes, I have shared your blog with friends that would also be interested in them!
    Thank you again for your kindness, it eased my nervousness of the long plane trip with a 4 month old to be a wonderful experience I could share with many!

    • Hi Candice, Thank you so much for the lovely comment. We are enjoying ourselves and love the sun, sun, and more sun. And it was a pleasure to sit with you on the plane and discover so many common interests. And I am a firm believer that nursing moms need all the help the can get! Hope you had a good visit with your Dad.

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