Point Values for Commonly Used Seeds

Back in June, 2011, I started realizing that seeds could carve a deep hole in my daily WW points. I knew about the high fats in nuts, but I wasn’t sure about seeds. This was during the height of the chia seed craze, and they seemed to be in every recipe I looked at.

Research on chia seeds confirmed my worst suspicions: 2 tbsps. = 3 points (see note at bottom) because of the high quantity of fat in the seeds. True, chia seeds contain healthy fat but, unfortunately, WW doesn’t distinguish between good and bad fats when assigning point values. Clearly, I wasn’t going to be sprinkling chia, or any other, seeds around with happy abandon.

I wrote about the seed problem in what has turned out to be the 2nd most popular post on this blog, To Chia or Not to Chia: This is the Seed/Nut Question. I attribute part of this popularity to the fact that the WW Pocket Guide doesn’t include point information on seeds—nuts, yes; seeds, no.

But I hadn’t really delved into all the seeds or provided an easy basis for comparisons among the seeds. My remedy is a “Point Values of Commonly Used Seeds” chart which uses 1 tbsp. as the common quantity.

Most of this information in the chart comes from Nutritiondata.self.com, which either provided the nutrition data by 1 cup (I could divide by 16) or by 1 tbsp. If the information had to be teased out in some other way, I’ve added a note below the chart. I’ve also rounded off the points to the first decimal place; you can decide how you wish to count them.

And, if I’ve left any seed out, please let me know so I can add it.

Seeds (not oiled)

Point Value of 1 tbsp.

Chia seeds*


Hemp seeds**


Flax seeds, ground (meal) or whole


Pomegranate seeds (considered fruit)


Poppy seeds


Pumpkin seeds (pepitas), plain or roasted


Sesame seeds, whole, dried


Squash seeds (pepitas), plain or roasted


Sunflower seeds, dry-roasted


Sunflower seeds, raw


*Nutritiondata.self.com only provides info on chia seeds by weight. I weighed out 1 oz. and found it contained 2.5 tbsps.

**Information is from SparkPeople.

Note: My first post was done when I was still clinging to my eons-old mechanical scale. I’ve now gone digital so I think the results in this post are more accurate.

9 thoughts on “Point Values for Commonly Used Seeds

  1. Thank you very much for this information and all the work you put into it. I was in the process of doing that research myself when I was half way through I found your post. Because I found this post I now have more time to relax on this Sunday afternoon. This is very much appreciated keep up the good work.

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