“Smoothie” Sailing!

Spinach Smoothie

Does the food blogosphere need yet another smoothie recipe? Probably not, but bear with me, please. There is method to my madness.

The smoothie story begins on the July 1 weekend when we were celebrating Canada Day on our boat with 3 grandchildren (all early teens) and one daughter.

We were having a grand time until a stomach flu swept through the boat in the middle of the night. I’ll spare you the grim details but it involved throwing up and fevers.

The only positive note was that I lost 5½ lbs.!

The smoothie story continued during a week-long recovery. My tender innards ordered non-threatening, comfort food. I ate yogurt and fruit and drank many cups of tea. The next (low-cal) step was to add vegetables, but how? There wasn’t a vegetable that enticed my bossy insides.

So I made a smoothie, figuring that the fruit and milk should camouflage any vegetable smell or flavour. I’d also read enough about smoothies to know that I should freeze a banana beforehand.

So, here’s what went into my blender: 1 small, frozen banana, sliced; a large handful of frozen strawberries; a large handful of baby spinach; 1 cup of soy milk; ¼ cup of sweetener.

My ancient blender (1970s model; metal and glass; 1 speed only) coughed, choked, and spit. My food combo turned brown. I sternly told my stomach that it looked like chocolate, not mud. I poured it into a glass, dipped in a spoon, and gingerly took a taste.

YUM! AMAZING! Sincerely and truly.

If I had known how good a smoothie could be, how cheap calorie-wise (2 WW pts. for the milk), and how filling, I would have made one long ago.

So, okay, I am a convert. But, you say, that doesn’t justify another smoothie recipe.

Well, here’s my point. Making smoothies and getting more vegetables down is a snap—smooth sailing without a flu bug, so to speak. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) And, in my experience, you don’t really need a recipe. Just throw stuff together. I’ve also made one with cooked cauliflower (a large handful) instead of spinach. Delish!

And do you want…

  • More protein? Add nuts or a tablespoon of a nut butter. Or powdered protein.
  • More healthy ingredients and some crunch? Add chia seeds or flax meal.
  • A different flavour? Add some chocolate chips or coconut. I plan to experiment with extracts, such as vanilla.

Or google “smoothie recipes” and choose from 14.5 million possibilities!

8 thoughts on ““Smoothie” Sailing!

  1. I have to admit….I have never tried a smoothie! I don’t even own a blender!! hmmm but I do have a food processor….could I use that?

    • I’m not sure a food processor could handle frozen foods. The thing is that blenders are designed to handle ice and break it up. I’d check with the manufacturer of my food processor before trying it. Don’t want to ruin those blades! Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your loss! 🙂 I’m glad that you’re finding that balance with yourself. 🙂 I love me some green smoothies — they are always such a delicious way to start my day!

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