Check It Out! (2)

I love sharing information that I find helpful, funny, ironic, thought-provoking, etc. so I’m really pleased that many of you enjoyed my first “Check It Out!” post.

I don’t have any schedule for these posts, but I’ve accumulated some more interesting articles for you to “chew on,” if you wish. (Gotta keep those food metaphors going!)

Do you trust cookbook authors? You won’t after reading this Slate exposé about the misinformation and downright lies food writers make when giving instructions on caramelizing onions. Shocking indeed!

Are you a food blogger? Then you’ll find the Food Blog Alliance a very useful site for information on writing about and photographing food with contributions from a number of hands-on bloggers.

Say adios to good cholesterol. Honestly, the longer you live, the more you realize that health information is only as valid as the last scientific experiment. (Take, for example, the poor, yoyo-ing egg: once upon a time, it was good for you, then it was bad for you, now it is once again a beneficial food.) Today, the scientists have put HDL in the spotlight, and...oops…there goes one path to heart health!

Keep up with the grains-es! Just when I think I’ve got the alternative flour/seed world under control, it takes off again. “17 Healthy Grains You’ve Never Heard Of” includes some that I do know about, but also quite a few that I didn’t. This helpful article also summarizes health information about each grain.

Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “Check It Out! (2)

  1. Love it! I’m always ready for a bit of cynicism. Lot’s of good and quirky information here.

  2. Interesting info! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the name of your blog ‘refashionista’ – Are you able to convert recipes into new and different recipes? My fiance does not prefer to eat left overs..

    • Primarily I’m refashioning recipes to make them suitable for people with food sensitivities who also diet. So I’m generally starting fresh and not using leftovers. Are you sure your fiancé isn’t, unfortunately, lumping a lot of things under one name? I mean there are so many types of leftovers: meat, veggies, fruits, dessert. For example, I often take chicken that I’ve made and turn it into chicken salad. Or use yesterday’s vegetables, now cold, in today’s salad. I often make large portions so that I have enough for another night…less work all around. I had a friend whose mother had a leftovers night on Fridays to get rid of what had accumulated during the week. Just some ideas. 🙂

      • Here’s another one, and I was thinking about you as I made it. If I have meatloaf one night, I often serve the leftovers the second night with sautéed mushrooms and onions. There’s so many things to do with leftovers…throw them into soup, for example. Maybe I should write a post about this?

  3. Interesting grains list, but I think using wheat multiple ways is kinda stretching it… I hadn’t heard of fonio, although I recognized all the rest. Haven’t ever had the Indian rice grass, though.

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