Diet Danger! Does This Happen to You?

Yesterday I returned from a lovely five-day trip in NYC with my grandson Alex. We stayed with wonderful friends, Tom and Linda. Linda was my best friend from high school—do not ask how many years back that relationship goes. Suffice it to say: in the second half of the previous century.

Alex and I walked miles, travelled subways, investigated museums, etc. and so forth. I did not eat gluten or dairy, and I tried my best to stay on my diet by sticking with protein and vegetables/fruits.

You and I could quibble over my choice of honeyed peanuts instead of plain peanuts, but if I told you that I succumbed while waiting for a flight home that was three hours late, I’m sure you’d understand.

In other words, the Angel of Diets had taken generally good care of me. I had a piece of cake here and some coconut ice cream there, but my activity level was also sky-high. I figured that I hadn’t gotten off the diet track in any serious way.

But what is it they say about good intentions?

I got home and had a dinner of hamburger and fruit.  I went to bed. The stomach began to growl and would not be ignored. By the time I reached the kitchen, the Angel had deserted me, and the Diet Devil was in full control.

The Diet Devil’s arguing points:

  • I had already blown my diet that day with the honeyed peanuts.
  • My vacation didn’t really end until the next day when my diet would have to start in earnest again.
  • Why not enjoy what little is left of the vacation right now?
  • Two big bowls of cereal is not that big a deal.
  • Oh, and remember the bag of carob chips in the freezer? A nibble or two or three or…it won’t do any harm.

The Devil got in right under the skin of my biggest area of diet weakness: late-at-night gorging when I’m tired/stressed/can’t sleep/whatever. Sigh.

Does this happen to you? Do you have any strategies for getting that Devil out of your ear?

16 thoughts on “Diet Danger! Does This Happen to You?

  1. I don’t… Because I got rid of every vice in our home and I remind myself of how I feel. It helps that I have to model this for our children!! They are almost better than me. Today my daughter prevented me from throwing two organic Amy’s pizzas in the oven. The store had them mixed with the gluten free ones and these had wheat!! Bummer!!

  2. One time I gorged on carrot chips… nicely fried salty carrot chips – I try very hard to keep all temptations out of my kitchen and house… but….it does happen

    • I can definitely relate to that…hmmm, I’m wondering if there isn’t a good baked carrot chip recipe out there. The WW diet wouldn’t hardly count a baked version that isn’t loaded with oil. 🙂

  3. I love the humor in your tale. We all have days when we fight cravings…for me, it’s dark chocolate….mmmmmmm…..

  4. It sounds like you had a great trip with your grandson!

    I think that splurging once in a awhile is mentally healthy as long as we get right back on track the next day without feeling sorry for ourselves. There is something in our makeup that occasionally craves a burst of carbs or calories, and I honestly think it does more harm than good to deny ourselves completely, no matter what. (At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

    I don’t really have anything seriously naughty left in the house, all the gluten is gone, very few carbs. For me, when I am craving an indulgence, I also turn to fruit and have a *small* bowl of frozen strawberries/blueberries/blackberries with a dash of heavy whipping cream and some Truvia, mmmmm. It almost tricks me into believing it’s ice cream! (If lactose is an issue, I would use canned coconut cream instead of the heavy cream.) A small piece of dark chocolate (maybe with a layer of walnut butter) does the trick too, and I end up feeling powerful instead of deprived! We’re in this for the long haul, so no sense going mad in the process! Cheers!

    • I like your story! And your indulgences sound delicious. I often do fruit with a goat yogurt that’s quite thick and sometimes through in some nuts and seeds. That’s my general level of decadence. But I must say…that dark chocolate with the nut butter…very, very nice-sounding. Yum.

  5. Sure does happen to me! I always bring snacks with me to the airport, even shopping for them the day before I leave my destination because I know the chances of shops in the concourse carrying something I can eat to be slim, although they have gotten better in the last couple years by offering yogurt and fruit.

    My Mom is the WW pro in the house, she’s a Lifetime Maintenance member, so we’re far more watchful of sodium than sugar. When the devil is whispering in my ear I go right to my snack cupboard and there are things to choose from like Lara bars, mini dark chocolate bars (I only eat 1/2 a mini bar), Snyder’s gluten-free pretzel sticks, rice crackers, fat-free (no hydrogenation) chocolate pudding, nut butters, or the nut shelf in the fridge (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, & cashews). I also mix up plain Greek yogurt (150 grams) with low-sugar jam/jelly (20 grams). And occasionally there’s coconut milk ice cream in the freezer.

    • Wow! Thanks for all the snack hints. And you’re right; I should have bought something before being at the airport. I’m usually excellent when I leave–a favourite snack is tofu baked with orange marmalade because it’s protein and really filling. But going home is another matter. Again, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Have you heard of MIracle Noodle? They are called shirataki noodles and they remind me of a rice noodle. They are made from a root vegetable similar to a yam and are all water soluble fiber. They give a great noodle fix without the carbs. Adding them to some chicken broth and some veggies would be really low calorie and carb. I don’t know the point system, so not sure how this works on that, but I know it’s really low on the glycemic index. Not sure if that’s the kind of tip you want, but it never hurts to share ideas 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip. It’s a good reminder for me and a good strategy for others. I have used shirataki noodles for the very reasons you’ve given, and they have 0 points on the WW system. They’ll never be as good as pasta (in my opinion), but I’m not going to argue with something that is healthy and virtually without calories. I haven’t used them in a soup yet, but they are my go-to for spaghetti meals, and I sometimes make a quick lunch by mixing them with diced tomatoes, throwing on some cheese, and then nuking the whole thing. Again, thanks so much for commenting and sharing.

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