Travelling #gf, #dairy-free, and #WW

I’m back from a four-day trip to West Palm Beach, Florida, for a family birthday.  Before I went, I researched gf restaurants.  I had a list of possibilities.  Here are the results. 

One restaurant wasn’t gf at all.  Two restaurants had gf menus.  What is a gf menu?  A reduced version of the regular menu in which meals that already come without wheat are included.  Not one gf restaurant made or carried any gf bread, buns, or desserts.  Moreover, no restaurant carried soy milk or alternative milk products such as ice cream made with coconut milk.  And as for dieting, even egg-white-only omelets are sautéed in way too much oil. 

Admittedly, in four busy days, I didn’t have much time to search the possibilities, but these results were lousy.  So, what did I eat?  Lots and lots of salad with dressing on the side.

Next week we are off to Arizona (Tucscon, to be specific) for a month.  I’ll have more time to investigate that city’s restaurants, and I hope for better results.

Oh, and by the way, because our first flight to Florida was delayed, we barely made it to the connecting flight and arrived in WPB at midnight with no dinner.  I was able to buy drinks and some fruit at the hub airport (we couldn’t bring our own as U.S. Customs will confiscate fruit and vegetables from Canada).  Fortunately, I had also brought  various types of protein:

  • Orange Marmalade Tofu Bake: These were a life-saver. I had made 1.5 lbs. of slices, and they supplied us with much-needed, low-fat, and filling protein.
  • Two bags of pistachio nuts: Interesting how having to fight the nuts out of the shells keeps your appetite down.
  • Cheese: A package of manchego, a delicious Spanish sheep cheese, that we could nibble on.

More to come…

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