Happy “I Love Food” Day!

According to Foodimentary, a blog about food facts, September 9 is “I Love Food” Day.  But what about the rest of year?  I don’t know about you but, unless ruined by a gastro-intestinal bug, every day is an “I love food” day for me. 

So why, you might ask, has there been blog black-out here at TFR?

Well, the spouse and I put in a lot of boating with family in August up to and through the Labour Day weekend.  We dined in nautical splendour.  A memorable feast was extremely tender rare steaks from the barbecue with salad and freshly picked corn.  Our local corn is a strain called “Peaches and Cream,” and it is very, very delicious, no butter or salt needed.  Memories of meals like this are for winter sustenance (with no calories!).

In the meantime, I’ve accumulated a pile of recipes to experiment with and alter as needed.  They’re all calling my name.  I also want to find a yeast bread recipe that works.  I’ve had four failures to date although each has obligingly resulted in handy-dandy bread crumbs.   As well, I have found a very simple recipe which might (fingers crossed) end up with a goat ricotta cheese.  That would be a thrill and open the door to a greater variety of recipes.

So…here’s to the changing of the seasons, “I Love Food Day,” and lots of good recipes to come!

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