Pursuing the Perfect Vegetable Pie: II

To new readers (posted later):  This post was about my second try at a vegetable pie.  I did finally make one that really worked: the Mushroom-Eggplant Vegetable Pie.  

Recently, I reported on my first attempt to create the perfect vegetable pie with an eggplant crust: great-tasting, healthy, filling, and diet-conscious.  Recap: that first try was interesting in taste but not visually pleasing because the eggplant wilted in the heat and turned brown.

Second try: this pie included tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bok choy, and sheep romano cheese, grated into slices.  Alterations to my original strategy included the following:

  • After creating the eggplant crust (overlapping slices for the edges), I used up all extra eggplant by chopping leftover slices into pieces and piling them in the center.
  • I sprayed the eggplant-crust interior with cooking spray.  Lo and behold!  This turned out to be the solution to the eggplant crust wilting problem.
  • I cut the breadcrumb topping (too many calories) and upped the romano cheese to 4 tbsp.  (I have no doubt this pie would work immediately if slathered with cheese but, unfortunately, that dish is not in my future.)
  • I added garlic powder and thyme between layers. 





A success?  Well…the crust looks great, but the pie is still not as tasty as I would like. 

Notes to self:

  • Use a heavier hand with spices.
  • Use leek instead of onion if possible.  Leek is tastier.
  • Add more mushrooms for flavor, but put them under the topping.  Mushrooms turn dark brown when baked (duh) and, although tasty, are not eye-pleasers.
  • Splurge a little and up the romano cheese—at this point, the Weight Watcher value is only ½ point per ¼ serving of the pie. 

I’ll keep you posted!


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