Food Photography 101

Did you know there are blogs devoted to food photography?  And that a good food photograph tells a story?  And that the photo of a dish that makes you drool is called food porn?  The old adage is true; I learn something new every day.

Mostly I’ve learned that I’m a rank amateur at this.  But I persist, and I’ve recently photographed three older recipes (see below): Yummy, Tummy-Friendly, Sugar-Free Cornbread“Free Spirit” Fried Rice and So Very Vegetable Soup.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to best display food.  My discoveries include the following:

  • Parsley garnish, however clichéd, does help. 
  • Puddings—that homely, comforting food, beloved of toddlers—requires fancy, see-through glass containers such as iced tea or parfait glasses.
  • My dishes are like so…Middle Ages.  I should replace them with trendy, modern rectangular ones that sorta, kinda indicate that the food on them is trendy and modern.  You know what I mean.


Did you find this helpful?

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