Lights, Action, Camera!

The Food ReFashionista is undergoing exciting renovations!

First and most obvious, the site has a new header (at last).  It’s a luscious photograph of fruits and vegetables, and I love the colours.

Secondly, I’ve started taking photographs of the dishes.  According to blog food gurus, a recipe without a photograph of the finished product is doomed to lay unloved in wherever “recipe hell” is.  (Deity of Cooking forbid!)  So…there are photographs.  And, given my very basic camera skills, I can assure you that they are absolutely authentic.  No special lighting, no artificial materials, no artistic director.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, I am now able to generate nutritional information for each recipe, including a food label.  It will take me time to do this for each recipe, but my goal is to provide the most dietary information that I can for each dish.  This new info will be at the bottom of each recipe.

Upwards and onwards, Claire


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