PointsPlus Formula for Calculating Points

If you don’t have a WW calculator for figuring out point values on the PointsPlus plan, you can do it yourself with the formula that is used by the calculator. 

I have two versions: the actual formula, which requires a regulator math calculator, and one that is simplified so that you can do it in your head.  In fact, I have found the simple one helpful to remember because I can easily use it to figure out points when I’m shopping.

Actual formula:

  1. Divide protein by 10.79
  2. Divide carbohydrates by 9.12
  3. Divide fat by 3.9
  4. Divide fibre by 12.2
  5. Add together the protein, carb, and fat numbers.
  6. Now subtract the fiber number. 
  7. You now have the point value.

Simplified formula:

  1. Add protein and carbs.
  2. Divide by 10.
  3. Divide fat by 4.
  4. Add fat number to protein and carb number.
  5. Divide fibre by 12.
  6. Subtract fibre number from the added numbers from the protein, carb, and fat.
  7. You now have the point value.

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