Point Values of Fruits on PointsPlus

I found the nutrient values of these fruits on the website, Self Nutrition Data and then calculated their points value by using the Points paper calculator and the PointsPlus electronic calculator.  In my table below, I have provided, generally, one type of serving per fruit. 

However, please remember that I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way, and I can’t promise that the values are 100% accurate.  I’ve done the math as well as I can but you may consider checking to be sure. 

In the table below, I have provided, generally, information for one type of serving per fruit, except in the case of melons. If you are interested in other types of servings, go to a web site such as Self Nutrition Data and use your Weight Watcher calculator to figure out the points or use the formula.

Printer-friendly chart

Fruit Serving Points
Apple 1 cup chopped 2
Banana 1 medium fruit 3
Blueberry 1 cup, whole 2
Blackberry 1 cup, whole 1
Cranberry 1 cup, whole 5
Cantaloupe 1 cup, balls 2
Cantaloupe, small 4¼” diameter 5
Cantaloupe, medium 5” diameter 6
Cantaloupe, large 6½” diameter 8
Cherry 1 cup, with pits 2
Grapes, red or green 10 grapes 1
Grapefruit ½ medium fruit 1
Guava 1 fruit 1
Honeydew 1 cup, balls 2
Honeydew, small 5¼” diameter 10
Honeydew, large 6-7” diameter 13
Kiwi 1 fruit, medium 1
Mango 1 whole fruit 4
Orange 1 cup of sections 2
Orange, small ⅜” in diameter 1
Orange, medium 2⅝” in diameter 1
Orange, large 3 1/16” in diameter 2
Nectarine 1 medium fruit 2
Papaya 1 cup, cubed 1
Peach 1 medium fruit 2
Pineapple 1 cup, chunks 2
Plum 1 fruit 1
Pear 1 medium fruit 3
Raspberry 1 cup, whole 1
Strawberry 1 cup, sliced 1
Watermelon 1 cup, balls or diced 1



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